Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Samsung's Galaxy Tablet, Gadget of The Year

Gadget Award back row of gadgets to choose the best in its class. For the event in 2010, the prestigious title 'Gadget of The Year' fall into the hands of Samsung Galaxy Tab. What about other gadgets, including Streak Hybrid Dell's tablet is claimed as rivals Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Not only triumphed in one nomination. Samsung, South Korean vendors are also taking home awards from nominations Best Fashion Gadget, Best Smartphone, Best Pocket Camera, Best TV, and Best Tablet. Here are the full results Gadget Award winner 2010.
  • - Kaskus best brand: Nokia
  • - Kaskus best smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S
  • - Gadget of The Year: Galaxy Tab
  • - Best Fashion Gadget: Samsung 3D TV C9000
  • - Best Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S
  • - Best Innovative Smartphone: HTC Desire
  • - Best Camera Phone: Nokia N8
  • - Best Pocket Camera: Samsung NX100
  • - Best DSLR Camera: Sony Alpha A55
  • - Best TV: Samsung C9000 3D
  • - Best Netbook: Benq Joybook Lite U105
  • - Best Notebook: Sony Vaio E series
  • - Best Gaming Notebook: Alienware M17x
  • - Best Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • - Best All in One PC: Dell Studio One
  • - Best Local Brand: HT Mobile
  • - Best Innovation Local Brand: HT Mobile
  • - Best Design Local Brand: TiPhone
  • - Best Android Local Brand: Nexian Journey
  • - Best Monitor: AOC
  • - Best Eco Green Monitor: BenQ
  • - Best Camcorder: Sony Blogie
  • - Best GSM Provider: Indosat
  • - Best Innovation GSM: XL
  • - Best CDMA Provider: Esia
  • - Best Innovation CDMA: Flexi
  • - Best Blackberry Provider: Indosat
  • - Best Internet Service Provider: SmartFren
Will Streak Hybrid Dell's tablet or other products capable of providing stiff competition for the victory in the Samsung's image Galaxy tablet?

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