Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Suddenly The Color of File Name become blue, is it a virus?

Have you ever experienced anything like this?
Paper or file name suddenly changed color to blue, and it turns out only a few files that change color when in a folder at the same
I certainly experienced about that, like the one in the picture below

there are 2 pieces of a file that is blue and the 2 others the color is normal as usual (default is black) ..
is it a virus? worm? or trojan?

was not answered!
then why did they change color to blue?
turned in at the windows OS is sort of data backup facilities to safedisk, so the OS we mark several files by doing the compression on the file, writing the result files changed to blue. age it caused some of the files is longer than with other files.

like the color change that?
if you like to let stand alone, over time also most of all his writings turned blue. but if you do not like, is how I'll file his writings back to normal (black)
Right 1.klik file (that blue color),
2.Select Properties and click,
3.Pada tab ("General"), click the button ("Advanced ...")
4.unchecked ("Compress contents to save disk space")
after that, Insyaallah your files back as they are, back in black color, skin color like you .. hehe

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