Selasa, 09 November 2010

How To Read File Format .DM and Played in MP3 Audio Player

Conversion File .DM into .MP3

DM formatted files are generally equipped with an audio file copy-protection. Known as a digital file management, file with this format can be read as an MP3 file format so it is more beneficial for burning to CD or for use with personal audio player.

Here are the ways for DM formatted files can be read as a file with the MP3 format:
1. in explorer, go to Tools> Folder Options, then will go out the window like this,

in the image above, do uncheck (V) on "Hide extentions for known file types", so that the file extension will be visible

2. examples on file test.DM then, the file just rename it takes in-test.MP3
3. after that the file will play directly can use ordinary MP3 player, like winamp
4. so without a converter application, for it good luck:)

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