Jumat, 12 November 2010

Counting Numbers Application Conversion Hexadecimal to Binary using VB.NET

This application was developed with the aim to convert numbers to hexadecimal format into a binary format, a simple application and the mini was developed with VB programming language and using Visual Studio 2005.

Hex to binary conversion application is based on the experience when I woke up also find references to the internet about this conversion code, I found it on the site visualbasiccode , starting from there I developed a counter application numbers and hex to binary conversion in accordance with my needs.

The following interface will display full / all code I can attach to each other to share the experience:)

in the image above is a page view counter applications and conversion hexadecimal numbers into binary form,

to the picture above is an example hex number which will be enumerated and converted into binary form which the results can be seen in richtextbox which also exist in the image above,

while following this picture is the code that I use during the process of conversion from hexadecimal to binary form, this code I got from the site visualbasiccode ,

for the above code is the code that I developed their own namely, the code to add a digit 0 (zero) on the conversion of the binary, because the results of the previous code conversion, the resulting value does not match the number of bits that should be of 8 bits, then if the converted value hex 2, which should be 10, will dipenuhkan be 0000 0010,

This is the last image that I attach, that is to cut off or chopping the converted hex number as 2 digits, so if there is a hex number 01 02 then, would appear in the application of the conversion of each of the 2 digits ie the conversion to 01 and conversion to 02 ,

This application can be downloaded with source code in the widget that I also found this site, the widget "My Shared Files" with the file name "Counting Numbers To Binary.rar Hex," Had enough of my share few, hopefully useful, always continue to share the spirit , thanks for the reference code of visualbasiccode :)

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