Jumat, 12 November 2010

Holidays counter application is developed using VB.Net

While still the holiday season, make fun of programming functions that actually just modify the function that I have ever posted in the previous article "Calculating Business Days on VB.Net". The function of this time just the opposite course, namely counting holidays. Sometimes the function is also used when calculating the number of times during a time that would later bermamfaat for counting the number of salaries (payroll application), fines (library application) or whatever. The following is a function which is built using a programming language that didevelop VB.Net using Visual Studio 2005:

Pictured above is a function that will calculate the number of days off (Saturday and Sunday only) at a specified time period.

And for the picture above it is composed of 2 pieces of the sub with the following explanation:
1. sub Hitung: as a procedure to insert values (the initial period and period end) which will be calculated by the function GetHariLibur
2. sub DateTimePickerTglAkhir_ValueChanged: as procedures that take advantage of dateTimePickerTglAkhir event, so every time change period end date, then the function will automatically calculate the number of days off during the period.

So with the above, then the above is a sample calculation program interface this holiday, which I attach the source code on this blog on the "My Shared Files" which, if necessary, sample applications Holidays calculation this can be downloaded. if anyone can I help you please ask.

Thank You.

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